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Wildcats Hockey Is Transitioning To the Junior Reign!

At Junior Reign everything we do and provide is about your child, the athlete. You want them to become the best they can be, and we are here to help them get there. We measure our success by achieving their goals, not by our accomplishments at their expense.

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We fuel passion for young people by using the great sport of ice hockey to provide an environment in which kids find something they love and enjoy!

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Private Training

Designed progressive programming based on sport science and physiological principles laid out by the USA Hockey American Development Model.

Private Training


Wildcats Hockey Club is excited to offer fun and exciting tournament weekends open to teams and individuals from all over the world!


Fueling The Passion

What if instead of starting from scratch every season, you had a clear philosophy and plan on your childs' development? That instead of scrambling to find the coach that fits your values each year, you were a part of an organization that had one unified philosophy that matched your values at every level?

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You may have been let down in the past:
Unfortunately, much of youth sports, even youth hockey, in America has lost its purpose. Something that started out to give kids the opportunity to play, dream, and grow has become adult centered and focused on short-term achievements to benefit the agenda of coaches or programmers while robbing the kids of their future potential and their experience along the way.

You want to feel a part of something bigger
A place where you could feel proud of what your family is a part of and that it stands for something clear and powerful. That you are a contributing part of a community that is helping to improve kids and families lives, thus contributing to a better world. Somewhere that we know there will be challenges along the way, but that we will approach those the same way we expect our athletes to deal with adversity and handle them with transparency, optimism, integrity and use them as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

Because the expectations must be higher, we have raised the bar!
Why is it easier to get a job coaching youth in sports than any other profession? There is no required degree or even extensive training process. Isn’t this an extremely important role in our society?

Shouldn’t we demand and expect that the people in charge of the programming for our children be people that we want our kids to look to as role models? That who they are as people and how they live their life will influence our kids?
Shouldn’t they be experts in their field and in the latest in sports science and athlete development so they can give our children exactly what they need at each phase in their development? And more importantly, don’t give them the wrong things that can be damaging to their development?

At Junior Reign, in Riverside and Carlsbad, ¬†we have structured our entire organization on putting the athlete first. Schedule a call now with one of our professional Age Group Managers to chat in person about your child’s hockey goals.

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