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  1. Wildcats Hockey Featured on Fox Channel 5

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  2. Reasons Youth Hockey in Riverside Can Benefit Your Children

    You might love the sport of hockey and have your own reasons why. It could be the speed of the game, the skilled players or even the strategy, but what is really important is how the game of hockey can have such a positive impact. There are plenty of reasons youth hockey in Riverside can benefit your children, here are just a few. Mental Agility Hockey is a very fast sport, plays develop in secon…Read More

  3. It’s all in your mind(set)!

    Ben Frank-Wildcats Hockey President  Last week I shared with you some of my most humbling failures and how they have actually fueled my biggest successes.  Working with young players and talking to them about their goals and dreams has often caused me to reflect back on my goals and dreams, my "successes" and "failures".  The more I reflect, the more questions it raises and the more hungry I b…Read More

  4. Where do we go from here?

    December 4, 2015 | Ben Frank Hi everyone, last week I wrote about how important it is to encourage young players on their path to pursuing their passion and the dangers of counting kids out or crushing their dreams. The fact is, no one knows where each kids' hockey path will take them, but if they pursue it for love and passion and give it everything they have, they will have quite the journey! Wh…Read More

  5. The Obstacle is the way…

    December 11, 2015 | Ben Frank Listen to post game interviews of the most elite athletes and you will hear many one liners that much of us have learned to tune out. "I just have to worry about what I can control, and focus on that". "Just focusing on staying in the moment and not looking too far forward or dwelling on the past". We often don't pay much attention to these post game comments as it …Read More

  6. Three feet from gold?..

    There is a famous story about a young man that travels to California during the gold rush to dig for gold and spends considerable effort and time digging, to finally give up and move on. Later he finds out that when he quit, he was actually only 3 feet from a substantial gold source! He vows to never quit prematurely again and goes on to massive success in the business world. Far too often, I see …Read More

  7. What drives you?

    Its often said that sports are a "microcosm" of society at large. In other words what happens in sport often reflects society and the current values and experience. The word "microcosm" is used because a small sample size in sports (one season, or even one game) can reflect many things that happen in real life, over a much bigger sample size or length of time. This is why youth sports is so import…Read More

  8. Why I am a failure….

    Ben Frank-Wildcats Hockey President  I consider myself a pretty happy guy.  I have a wife and kids I adore, I live in an amazing climate, and I work every day in something I am incredibly passionate about.  However, when I step back and look at my life as a whole, I realize I have experienced an incredible amount of "failure" along the way. The first ever "travel team" I played for had a recor…Read More

  9. Wildcats Book Club!

    Hi folks, just wanted to share some awesome books that have changed my life and the way we design our program and coach. Enjoy and would love to hear any comments or questions. The Talent Code, By Daniel Coyle Changing The Game, By John O'Sullivan Faster Higher Stronger, By Mark McClusky Mindset, By Carol Dweck The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday Win Forever, Pete Carrol Wildcats President, Ben …Read More

  10. Club (“Travel”) Hockey Myths Exposed

    July 28, 2015 A few weeks back, the Wildcats President Ben Frank, and Riverside Icetown in house hockey director Robby Tait gave a joint presentation to groups of parents from across all ages in Riverside. The message for the presentation was the following: Icetown and Wildcats Hockey Club share the same mission of providing a positive youth sports experience for all players for life. We want kids…Read More

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Ben Frank-Wildcats Hockey President  Last week I shared with you some of my most humbling failures and how they have actually fueled my biggest successes.  Working with young players and talking to…Read More

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